Webinars & Online Training For NACCRRA Members

NACCRRA listened to feedback from CCR&Rs across the country and designed training to meet your needs. Join other NACCRRA CCR&R Professional members in a webinar from the comfort of your own desk.

What is a webinar? A webinar is a live interactive presentation between a presenter and an audience where each participant sits at his/her own computer, and is connected to the presenter and other participants via the internet. Webinars offer the audience both visual and auditory access to the presenter and the information shared.

  • Visual: Presenters share their knowledge and information via our NACCRRAware that invites participant interaction through live chat, auditory questions, and the use of emoticons and a white board (Format excludes NDS trainings)
  • Auditory: Using VoIP, participants listen and respond to the presenter through their computer microphone and speakers. Use of the text chat and emoticons ensures that every voice can be "heard" by the presenter throughout the presentation.

Webinar Technical Requirements: The technical requirements to participate in a NACCRRA webinar are an Internet connection, computer (including a sound card), speakers and microphone. An integrated headset with boom microphone can be used in place of speakers and a microphone. You can purchase computer speakers, computer microphones or headsets at most retail outlets. Additionally, Andrea Electronics is offering a special discount for NACCRRA members on headsets. Click here for details.

Membership Requirement: Only NACCRRA members are eligible to participate in these trainings. If you need to become a NACCRRA member, please click here. If you are uncertain if your membership is current, contact Member Services at (703) 341-4190.



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