NACCRRA Data Services: NACCRRAware 101

Dates: August 15-18, October 3-6, December 5-8
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Total Time: 4 hour(s)

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Computer Basics


The NACCRRA Data Services Help Desk staff presents training designed for CCR&R staff who are new to NACCRRAware or simply need a refresher course in the usage and functionality of NACCRRAware referral software

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What you will learn
This four-part training includes the following sessions:

Navigation Basics and Provider Data Entry: Learn how to navigate through the NACCRRAware database. The session will review the different types of data entry fields, how to use the mapping component, and the content of the data entry screens for a provider record.

Client Data Entry, Quick Search, and Referral: This session will cover the data entry screens for a client record. You will also learn how to use the Quick Search screen to create a list of child care referrals for a client. Finally, you will see the difference between a Provider Profile and a Provider Summary Report as well as how to create a referral for print and/or email.

Custom Search and Custom Reports: In this session, participants will learn how to build a custom search, including tricks to building a successful query. Participants will also see how to create a customized report and layout as well as how to sort the report by specific fields.

Standard Reports: This training will review the standard reports in NACCRRAware and will highlight the data that is compiled, analyzed, and produced in each report.

About the Facilitators:
Ruth Bowell has provided training and technical support for NACCRRAware and now NACCRRA Data Services since 2000. Prior to that, Ruth managed the parent referral department and was also responsible for the database maintenance and reports at a local CCR&R. She assisted her state with their development of statewide standardized configurations and has also consulted with several states as they’ve standardized their configurations.

Charlotte Pelz has worked in Child Care Resource & Referral for five years. Initially, she was the Parent Counselor at a local CCR&R where she managed the agency’s NACCRRAware database for referrals and reporting. As the Data Manager for a CCR&R State Network Office, Charlotte provided training and technical support for the local agencies. She now works for the NACCRRA Data Services Help Desk providing training and technical support.


Webinar Details:
Prerequisite: Participants must have access to their agency’s NACCRRAware software prior to enrolling in this training. Administrative access is not required. While NACCRRAware users accessing NACCRRAware on a local or state server are able to enroll in the training we ask that they be aware that some features may be exclusive to NDS users accessing NACCRRAware via the Hosted Solution.

The training series consists of four 2-hour phone sessions.

The technical requirements to view the NACCRRAware 101 trainings are an Internet connection and a computer (including a sound card) with speakers.


What you will receive:

  • Four 2-hour phone sessions
  • Access to the facilitators after the training.
  • Follow-up/review questions and tip sheets that will help the user be more effective and efficient when using NACCRRAware.
  • Participation certificate
  • Free, unlimited customer service to help with any technical issues with the recording

For More Information:
For more information about NACCRRA Data Services: Technical Assistance Management Software or any other NDS training topic, please contact the NDS Help Desk at 866-789-7590 or



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NACCRRA Data Services: NACCRRAware 101

Dates: August 15-18, October 3-6, December 5-8
Total Items: 1
Total Time: 4 hour(s)

Member Price: $50.00

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