Social and Emotional Foundations for Learning: This training introduces the basic concepts, vocabulary and issues related to the social and emotional development of children. Based on a combination of current research in child development and a model from the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, the focus of this course will cover the following three main topics: Nurturing and Responsive Relationships, High Quality Supportive Environments and Targeted Social Emotional Supports. 0.8 CEU Credit/ 8 Hours. Read More. $85

Practical Strategies to Guide Children's Behaviors Build the skills and confidence to give proactive guidance and respond to challenging situations with effective reactions. In this course you will learn about children's social and emotional development and use that knowledge to address challenge behaviors, and support children's skills growth. Also included in this course is an extended lesson on recognizing the signs of child abuse and how to handle those situations in a professional manner. Printable resource guides and step by step implementation tools provide a long term resource for your child care career. 0.3 CEU Credit/ 3 hours. Read More. $45

Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care: Promoting Nutrition & Physical Activity in Child Care is a series of two 60-minute online courses and resources designed to help child care providers understand the causes of childhood obesity and how to most effectively address them in a child care setting through active play and nutritional meal planning. These courses include helpful, printable resource guides, family letters, activity ideas and planning forms. 0.2 CEU Credit/ 2 hours. Read More. $35

Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Environments for Young Children: Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Environments for Young Children is a series of five 60-minute online courses for creating and sustaining inclusive environments for young children. These courses contain valuable information and tools to help make you a better teacher, whether or not you work in an inclusive environment. 0.5 CEU Credit/ 5 hours. Read More. $75

Operating Standards for High Quality Inclusive Child Care: This course is targeted toward center directors and managers on operating inclusive child care programs. If you're looking for a roadmap to move you toward full inclusion, and to be able to do so successfully, this course is for you. Operating Standards for High Quality Inclusive Child Care will strengthen your ability to reach and include children with disabilities in your programs, or centers, and to work more collaboratively with parents, therapists, and other specialists to plan and implement integrated services for all children. 0.1 CEU credit/1.5 hours. Read More. $45

Customized Course Offerings: Choose courses from any of 8 subject areas to customize a specific number of clock hours. Subject areas include: Advancement of Physical and Intellectual Development, Commitment to Professionalism, Effective Program Operation, Enhancement of Social and Emotional Development, Observing and Recording Progress and Behavior of Children, Positive Relationships with Families, Principles of Child Growth and Development, and Safe and Healthy Environment. Training packages range from two to 20 hours. Read More. $35-149